BYU students who have been accepted into the ME department professional program and who desire to obtain the MS in Mechanical Engineering, may elect to enter the integrated BS/MS program. The purpose of the program is to afford greater flexibility in scheduling coursework; however, the course load is the same as if the BS and MS were earned separately. Courses taken cannot be double-counted toward the BS an MS. The BS degree will be conferred simultaneously with the MS degree.


Students wishing to pursue this path need to speak with the graduate advisor during their Junior year to allow adequate time for meeting the requirements and deadlines for applying to the MS program. Admission to graduate school for the MS degree must occur before taking the final two semesters of BS coursework in order to be able to pay at least two semesters of full-time graduate tuition.


Please note that it is possible for students to take up to 10 credits of upper-level coursework as an undergraduate and reserve them toward the MS. In most cases this will allow students adequate flexibility without formally entering the BS/MS Integrated Program.