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Student Author Faculty Advisor Graduation Date Title (Click the title to view) Keywords
Jeremy Osguthorpe Matthew R. Jones August, 2014 Characterization and Optimization of Thermal Protective Fabrics Designed to Protect Against Splash Hazards

heat transfer, thermal textiles, personal protective equipment, orthotropic, radial thermal conductivity

Justin Keith Mackay Timothy W. McLain August, 2014 Automated Landing Site Determination for Unmanned Rotocraft Surveillance Applications

unmanned aircraft, automated landing

Sean S. Tolman Larry L. Howell August, 2014 Elastic Energy Absorption via Compliant Corrugations

energy absorption, compliant mechanism, origami, corrugation, material selection, Miura-ori

Shelby Charisse Ward Scott L. Thomson August, 2014 Refinement and Characterization of Synthetic Vocal Fold Models

vocal fold, voice, stiffness, asymmetry, geometry variation

Thomas James Hardin Eric R. Homer August, 2014 Microstructural Factors of Strain Delocalization in Model Metallic Glass Matrix Composites

metallic glass, amorphous, composite, STZ dynamics

Trevor Jon Blanc Steven E. Gorrell August, 2014 Analysis and Compression of Large CFD Data Sets Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition

proper orthogonal decomposition, reduced order models, reduced order reconstruction, data compression, computational fluid dynamics, post-processing, domain decomposition, computational fluid dynamics, coherent structures, turbomachinery, pressure distortion, conjugate heat transfer

Matthew L. Marshall Steven E. Gorrell June, 2014 Validation of a Modified Version of OVERFLOW 2.2 for Use with Turbomachinery Under Clean and Total Pressure Distorted Conditions and a Study of Blade Loading in Distortion

CFD, OVERFLOW2.2, Turbomachinery, Distortion, Blade Loading

Robert Arthur Condie R. Daniel Maynes June, 2014 Aerodynamic Improvements for Auto-Carrying Railcars

aerodynamics, railcars, train, wind tunnel

Wesley N. Fassmann Scott L. Thomson June, 2014 An Experimental Study of Bio-Inspired Force Generation by Unsteady Flow Features

3D reconstruction, humpback whale flipper, flipper morphology, leading edge tubercles, vortex, generator, streamwise vortex, flapping flight, oil flow visualization, sinusoidal leading edge

Zachary Kendall Lindstrom Brian Jensen June, 2014 Design and Experimental Testing of Nanoinjection Protocols for Delivering Molecules into HeLa Cells with a Bio-MEMS Device

nanoinjection, propidium iodide, HeLa cells, pCAG-GFP DNA, radioactively labelled DNA, automated nanoinjection system

Jason M. Beach Timothy W. McLain April, 2014 Development of Tailsitter Hover Estimation and Control

tailsitter, unmanned air vehicle, magnetometer, Kalman filter, estimation, quaternion, attitude control

Jordan Jeffrey Cox Eric R. Homer April, 2014 U-Pu-Zr Alloy Design by Ternary Potts-Phase Field Modeling

Potts-phase field, thermodynamic database, U-Pu-Zr

Robert Aaron Moncur C. Greg Jensen April, 2014 Data Consistency and Conflict Avoidance in a Multi-User CAx Environment

Multi-user CAD, data consistency, collaborative design

Sean Paul Smith Julie Crockett April, 2014 Laboratory Experiments on Colliding Nonresonant Internal Wave Beams

internal waves, statified fluid, nonlinear interactions, wave-wave interactions

Daniel Seegmiller Steven K. Charles December, 2013 The Effects of Wrist Orthoses on the Stiffness of Wrist Rotations

stiffness, wrist, orthosis, wrist orthosis