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Brigham Young University: A national center for UAV research (October 17, 2018)
BYU engineering professor Randy Beard believes there will be self-flying cars on the market in 10 years. You heard that right: self-flying, not self-driving. It may sound like science fiction to most of us, but not for those who research autonomous technology. “Autonomous vehicles are already everywhere — Roombas, self-driving Ubers, military drones,” said Beard, recent winner of BYU’s highest faculty honor, the Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award. “There are many companies that have already developed working prototypes of self-flying cars. The drone revolution is upon us.”…
Graduate Seminar: Brian Iverson (October 16, 2018)
Iverson Teaser
The graduate seminar on Monday, October 22nd will be given by Brian D. Iverson, an Assistant Professor of BYU's own Mechanical Engineering Dept. It will be held at 4pm in 256 CB. Abstract: In performing research, providing context to your contribution is a critical part of communication.  We’ll be discussing literature reviews and literature searches as well as the first steps of writing.  We will aim to set you on a course to be successful at following the research in your field and establishing your position in it. Bio: Brian D. Iverson joined the faculty at Brigham Young University…
Meet Our New Professors! (October 11, 2018)
To put faces to the names.
This year in the ME department, two new professors joined our staff: Dr. Douglas Cook, and Dr. Nathan Crane. Dr. Cook joined our department in January of this year and is conducting a research mentorship this semester. Dr. Crane joined our team in August, and is currently teaching System Design Fundamentals. Here are some things to know about your new professors!   Dr. Cook: Credentials: Dr. Cook received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Utah State University, and obtained his Masters and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.   Focus of Research:…
Graduate Seminar: Dale Tree, Mechanical Engineering (October 5, 2018)
Dr. Tree and supermilage team
The graduate seminar on Monday, October 8th will be given by Dale Tree of BYU's Mechanical Engineering Department. It will be held at 4pm in 256 CB.   Abstract: Engineers and scientist use a writing style that is effective for communicating technical information in an organized and convincing fashion. The primary components of this style or genre can be remember by the acronym, IMRaD which stands for Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion. These elements can be found in almost all technical communications including formal reports, abstracts, executive summaries, memos, e-mails and…
Graduate Seminar: Eric Pope (September 24, 2018)
Eric Pope
The graduate seminar on Monday, September 24th will be given by Eric Pope, of US Synthetic. It will be held at 4pm in 256 CB.   Abstract – Creating a problem solving culture Every organization, leader and individual desires to be successful.  Your culture or repeated behaviors (both organizational and personal) are the foundation of  your success.  If we want to win in life and business, we must establish winning behaviors.  As business leaders our primary role is to create an environment where ideal behaviors can and will evolve and thrive. We must create a circumstance where our…
Graduate Seminar: Ron Zimmerman (September 14, 2018)
Ron Zimmerman and family
The graduate seminar on Monday, October 17th will be given by Ron Zimmerman, of Magna. It will be held at 4pm in 256 CB. Title: Planar Linkage Synthesis using Pole and Rotation Angle Constraints   Abstract: Planar linkage synthesis is a long standing scientific and engineering challenge. Graphical synthesis techniques were preferred until the computer revolution of the 1950’s when numerical methods gained wide use.  Since then, graphical techniques were largely unchanged.  Recent developments in the 2D sketcher capabilities of modern CAD systems allow the creation of dynamic or moveable…
BYU Ph.D. grad, NASA research fellow leads by example (August 16, 2018)
Alden Yellowhorse
From age 13, Alden Yellowhorse wanted to be an engineer. After transferring to BYU for his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, going on to get a Ph.D. was not his expectation. However, the decision to get his Ph.D. has opened doors for personal, professional and academic growth – including an ongoing research relationship with NASA. Find out about his facinating research at BYU news.
BYU Rocketry Joins the High Flyers (June 26, 2018)
Rocketry team
Seven intrepid cougar rocketeers lifted the silver trophy at the Spaceport America Cup this week, after a flawless flight to nearly 10,000 feet of their carbon fiber wonder – Wasatch I. Joining 130 teams from around the world, they had converged on the Spaceport America launch site, home to Virgin Galactic, in the sweltering New Mexico desert for an unparalleled display of rocket science and sheer enthusiasm. Throughout the week, the BYU tents became the go-to tool closet and power hub for the many international teams who couldn’t transport their entire lab with them across the Atlantic or…
AUVSI Takes Off and Lands in Top Ten (June 16, 2018)
Team with plane
On June 16th, BYU's AUVSI team joined competitors in Maryland for the SUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) 2018 competition.  The competition is held at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station (NAS) Webster Field in St. Mary's County, Maryland each year. The competition consists of three major components which are: a Technical Journal Paper which describes the systems engineering approach and the UAS design, a Flight Readiness Review (FRR) where teams describe their mission readiness and what testing gives them confidence, and a Mission Demonstration where…
Best Student Paper Award (June 11, 2018)
IEEE Apr 2018
Dr. John Salmon and some students of the BESD lab: Carsten Christensen, Landon Willey, and Derek Vasquez won the best student paper award at the IEEE Systems Conference in April. The conference took place Vancouver, Canada where Dr. Salmon and Landon Willey were able to attend.  We are so proud of our Mechanical Engineering students! Good job!   To read their paper, visit the link here.