(December 20th, 2011)
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Brent Adams Bunge Award
Brent L. Adams, professor of Mechanical Engineering at Brigham Young University, has been awarded the Bunge Award at the 16th International Conference on the Textures of Materials (ICOTOM).  The conference was held in Mumbai, India, December 12-17, 2011.  ICOTOM is an international conference which brings together scientists and engineers working under the common theme of crystallographic texture.
The Bunge Award was created in honor of Hans-Joachim Bunge (1929-2004), a noted crystallographer and the founder of a field of materials science known as quantitative texture analysis. His most prominent published work, a book entitled Quantitative Texture Analysis in Materials Science, was published in German in 1969, with an extended and revised English edition of the book published in 1982. This text is considered to be the comprehensive standard handbook in this field of materials science. He was also the author or editor of ten more books on quantitative texture analysis and on anisotropic materials properties. He published more than 450 contributions to scientific journals and conference proceedings. Bunge was also one of the founders of the ICOTOM conference series, which is held on three year intervals at various locations around the world. 
After Bunge’s death in 2004, the community decided to establish an award in his name to be presented at each ICOTOM conference. The first of these awards was given to Ian Dillamore at ICOTOM15 in Pittsburgh, PA. Adams received the second of these awards.
“When I was completing my PhD at The Ohio State University, I was deeply connected to and benefited from Bunge’s work, which was mostly published in German,” commented Dr. Adams. “Later he became my friend and mentor, and I visited him several times through the years in Clausthal Zellerfeld in the Hartz Mountains in Central Germany. It is a real pleasure to receive this recognition because I felt that Hans Bunge was a true friend and scientific mentor.”
We offer Brent Adams our congratulations on receiving this special award!