PhD Spotlight: Ammon Hepworth

(January 23rd, 2015)
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Ammon Hepworth

Ammon Hepworth graduated with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University in December, 2014. His industry experience in mechanical engineering dates back to 2006 where he started as a part time CAD designer for Cambric Corporation.

There, he generated 3D models and drawings of the A-10 Warthog in a redesign effort for the US Air Force. In 2007 he spent eight months at Pratt & Whitney where he created CAD automation tools for custom jet engine design processes. Upon returning to school in August of 2007, he spent the next 2½ years researching cutting edge CAD tools to help streamline the design of composite parts. During that time he had a brief respite from research when he spent the summer of 2009 at Lockheed Martin developing CAD automation tools for Skunk Works. In 2010 he graduated with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from BYU.  Upon graduation he spent a year at ExxonMobil where he constructed analytical computer models of Iraqi oil reservoirs to predict their potential output. In 2011 he returned to Pratt and Whitney as a senior engineer developing CAD automation tools. While there, he acted as the technical lead on a 1 ½ yearlong CAD automation project in addition to managing a $100K BYU research effort and capstone projects at BYU and UConn. In December of 2012 he returned to BYU to take a fulltime research position at the NSF, Center for e-Design working with Drs. Greg Jensen and Ed Red on the development of next generation CAD tools. While there he managed research activities involving over 45 students and $1M in funding. In August of 2014 he completed the requirements for his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and left his position there to work as a software engineer for Siemens PLM Software.


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(Posted 1/23/2015)