EB 117 Prototyping Lab

The TA’s in the EB 117 Prototyping Lab stand ready to help you build your class, club, capstone, research, and personal projects. Nick Hawkins, lab supervisor, wields awesome experience in assisting with the most complex projects. If you want something built and don’t want to do it yourself, check out the Precision Machining Lab.  


Panorama of the lab
Use our scheduling website to reserve the machine you would like to use and a TA to help you!
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Never experiment with equipment that you haven't been trained on!  If you don’t know exactly how to use it, ask for help!

About Us

Hours:   Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm (Closed during Devotionals Tues. 10:30 AM - Noon)


Nick Hawkins, Supervisor

Austin Johnson, TA
Caleb Wilcox, TA
Luke Gardner, TA
Spencer Klakring, TA
Tyler Quackenbush, TA
Zach Bons, TA
Jake Nance, TA
Mechanical Engineering Protoyping Lab
Engineering Building, 117