Engaging Faculty

Faculty and students collaborate in research groups creating a community of scholars pursuing excellence in research and academics. Professors are dedicated to their students' education and developing careers. Class sizes average 11 students.

Cutting-edge Research

Opportunities to perform innovative research are a priority. Students are expected to produce high quality work for peer review.

Server Rooms

Financial Support

The majority of full-time graduate students receive financial support during their studies. Most support is in the form of research and teaching assistantships. An average of $4 million in research funding is awarded annually. Tuition scholarships and fellowships are also available.

BYU ME Graduate Studies

There are over 100 graduate students in the program. Students graduating in 2013 totaled 41.

100% of PhD students and 73% of MS students graduating in the last two years submitted a peer-review publication by the time of their defense.