Dr. Johnson receives award at TMS Conference
Dr. Oliver Johnson was recently awarded the MPMD Young Leaders Professional Development Award at The Minerals, Metals, & Materials Society (TMS) Conference.   The TMS conference has an attendance of over 4000, and there are 10 Young Leaders Professional Development Awards given each year. It is a division level award, and there are 5 technical divisions, so only 2 awards are given from each division annually.   TMS award recipients include some of the most accomplished and promising minerals, metals, and materials scientists and engineers in the world.   Read more about the award.
studying the syrinx
Dr. Scott Thomson was part of a team that set out to answer the question of how the syrinx—the lower voice organ in birds—affects the efficiency of sound produced by birds.   "In my lab, my students and I primarily study the biomechanics of the human voice. Our long-term goal is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders.  In this study, tools we’ve developed to study human voicing were instead applied to study bird vocalization," Thomson said. "It was interesting being part of a team of biologists, physicists, and engineers working together to study a common but beautiful…
Creating a quieter flush for airplane toilets
Operating the lavatory at 38,000 feet is about to get quieter. Dr. Scott Thomson worked with physics professors Dr. Scott Sommerfeldt and Dr. Kent Gee, and Michael Rose, BYU grad student, to address the problem of really loud airplane toilets. They looked into the acoustics of valve and piping conditions during the flush cycle and the noise associated with each function to find solutions. Read the full story.