Application Overview

Once you are admitted to BYU and have completed the requirements below, you can apply to our department to study mechanical engineering, which if accepted would allow you to enter our professional program and continue toward an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering.

Application Requirements

  1. You must be in good academic standing and you must receive a grade in the following courses before applying. The Application GPA upon which admissions decisions are made will be determined by equally weighting the GPA from these classes.  (See policies below regarding AP courses, transfer courses, and old ME curriculum courses.)
    • The first physics course taken at BYU: PHSCS 121, PHSCS 123, PHSCS 220 (taken before Fall 2015), Ec En 301
    • The first math course taken at BYU: MATH 112, 113, 302, 303, 313, 314, 334.
    • The first mechanics course taken at BYU: CE EN 103 (taken prior to Fall 2015), ME EN 101, CE EN 203, CE EN 204.
    • ME EN 191 at BYU (PASS Grade required)


  1. Submit the required online application by the appropriate deadline:
    • By February 1 for Spring Term admission
    • By July 1 for Fall Semester admission
    • By October 1 for Winter Semester admission

Admissions Policies

  • AP Courses:  BYU Credit for AP exams can fulfill graduation requirements.  However, since there is no grade assigned to AP courses, they cannot be used to calculate the Application GPA.  For purposes of calculating the Application GPA, students must either (a) take the BYU equivalent course or take the next course in the physics, math, or mechanics sequence.
  • Transfer Courses:  If students have transferred equivalent courses from an ABET-accredited program, the grades from the transferred courses can be used in calculating the Application GPA.  Alternatively, students MAY either (a) take the BYU equivalent or (b) take the next course in the sequence. Credit for non-ABET-accredited courses can count toward graduation, but cannot be used to calculate the Admissions GPA. Students MUST either (a) take the BYU equivalent course or (b) take the next course in the sequence.  See Transfer Students for more information.
  • BYU Courses from the old ME Curriculum (Prior to Fall 2015).  Under the old curriculum, a different set of physics and mechanics courses were used in calculating the Application GPA. As of Fall 2015 Me En 101 must be taken instead of Ce En 103. 
  • University Policy: Students must select and declare a major by the time they have 60 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits). Once a student has 75 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits), they will not be allowed to change their major, unless special permission is granted.” Students should consider this policy in connection with reapplying.
  • Acceptance Criteria:  Only 220 students are granted acceptance to the professional program each year based on the Application GPA. Students may apply for admission more than once; however, each course may be retaken only ONE time.  When a course is retaken, the higher grade will be used to calculate the Application GPA

Admission Statistics


Acceptance GPA

Spring 2016


Fall 2016


Winter 2017 3.33

Spring 2017


Fall 2017 3.33
Winter 2018 3.27

Spring 2018

Fall 2018



If you have questions or concerns about the application process, please email the Undergraduate Advisor, Miriam Busch (