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Definitions of Common CSR Terminology/Lingo
Definitions of Common CSR Terminology/Lingo
    • Mechanical Engineering Computer Support Representative.
  • Computer Imaging -
    • When we ask you about imaging your computer, we mean that we created a clone or "image" of a computer that already has all the latest software and updates installed and uploaded it to our Imaging server. With our server, we use a FOG imaging server, we can download that image to any computer in the ME Network (this is sometimes referred to as dropping an image) so that it's setup like a fresh new computer within an hour or so, rather than starting from scratch and taking a day or two on each computer.
  • Support Request -
    • Formerly, and still sometimes referred to as, support ticket. We use these requests to keep track of who needs help, where, when, and why. We ask you to make these requests, even after you told us about the problem, becuase otherwise it is very difficult to remember who asked for what where, and we don't want to chance forgetting anyone.
How do I remote into my computer from off-campus?
How to remote into a windows computer from off-campus


  • Who can do this
    • Firstly, this only applies to computers that you have a personal login for, you CANNNOT and SHOULD NOT attempt this with open lab CAEDM account computers (Like CB110 or the FB220-caedm computers).
  • What you need
    • The name of your computer (Typically the same as the ME property tag stick on the front of your computer)
    • The CAEDM VPN (instructions found here)
    • A local administrator account with a password
    • Your computer to be set up for remoting (Most ME computers are, but make a support request if this tutorial doesn't work for you)
  • What to do Credentials
    • On any version of windows, hit the start/windows button and search for "windows remote desktop connection" and open it Search
    • Make sure you're connected to the CAEDM VPN
      Networks then enter your computer's name in the computer name field then connect Remote Desktop Connection Remote Desktop Connection
    • It should instantly pop up asking for credentials. Put in your username with ".\" in front of it and your password then click ok
  • Common Problems & Other Tips
    • "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer..." error after putting in computer name.
      • Most likely causes are that you entered the name wrong, you need to append the domain suffix to the name, or your computer isn't configured for remote desktop. * First, check the spelling of your computer's name * Add "" to the end of your computer's name when trying to connect (If you're trying to remote in from a different BYU network without the VPN, this is always neccesarry, i.e. BYU secure wireless) Remote Desktop Connection * If neither of these solve the problem and get you to the credentials screen, then we need to configure your computer for remoting in, please make a support request.
    • Your password doesn't work or your username doesn't exist
      • The most likely cause relates to domains. This is a common issue when remoting in from a windows 8 computer. A domain is where a user is stored, if you don't put anything in front of your username (like the ".\" mentioned earlier in this tutorial) it tries to use the domain you're already on. On windows 8, if you login with a microsoft account, it tries to login to the remote computer with a microsoft account, which you probably haven't set up on your work computer (If you have it's ok). ".\" is a shortcut for the localhost domain, if that doesn't work, try putting computername\username instead. If that doesn't work either, than make a support request and we'll take a closer look for you.
    • Tip - Click the "Show Options" to configure other options like multiple monitors, and to save the connection settings into a desktop shortcut, so you can just click an icon to open the remote connection.
      Remote Desktop Connection Remote Desktop Connection
      Enjoy remoting in =)


NX Licensing Error
NX Licensing Error
  • Download and run this batch file as an administrator (right click -> run as administrator) to fix common NX licensing issues
Catia Licensing Error
Catia Licensing Error
  • Download and run this fix as an administrator (right click -> run as administrator) to fix common Catia licensing issues