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Your undergraduate program will be greatly enhanced if you have an outside internship or work experience. See how an internship fits into your chosen career path here. Internships generally make you more competitive for graduate school admission and in the job market.

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Get-Out Games Part Time Technician Get-out games is looking to hire a sophmore level engineer for duties including: 
  • Managing and executing projects to improve puzzles and systems
  • Managing a 3d Printing Program
  • General Maintenance

For more information on the position see here.

To apply, email resume to

University of Houston Research Experiences for Undergraduates 2019

10 week program conducting research in materials for sustainability. Possible $5,000 stipend. Program will run from May 28th, to July 31st. Apply online at

Application deadline: March 8, 2019

More information here.



Ed Joyner


Process engineers

This is a good starting job for recent graduates in mechanical, manufacturing, or chemical engineering who want to live on the East Coast and are interested in high-volume manufacturing. Interested candidates should contact Ed Joyner, the HR Representative at


Contact Brian Cheney for more information at

Jacobs Mechanical Engineering - Intern

One example of an open position:

Portable Life Support (PLSS) team in Houston developing NASA's next generation spacesuit

If you are interested, contact

AquaSpark Product Development Internship

Design and prototype a product to increase public health and curb environmental waste. Opportunity related to gas pressure and mechanics,gas to liquid transfer, and customer product design. NDA required.

For more information see here. To apply, send resumes to Adam at or text 801-368-7282

Lawrence Liverpool National Laboratory Summer Student Program Graduate and Undergraduate students are invited to participate in this research program. It covers multiple disciplines.Each year, about two to three dozen students join this dynamic environment. Each is assigned a research mentor and a project that coincides with the student's research interests. The interns have the opportunity to interact with staff scientists, give oral presentations, and learn about other interesting research at LLNL. Internships are available for three-month time frames during the summer. For more information see here. 11/30/18
US Army General Engineering Position January 2019

Battlefield Tools and Equipment Division will be designing tool sets that the Warfighter uses to support the mission. Experience with CAD models and drawings in Solidworks or ProE is a plus; so is an interest in the design process or knowledge of electrical systems. This is a permanent position with growth potential. Relocation expenses are not authorized. Applicants need to have a degree in Mechanical Engineering by the end of 2018.

If interested, send your resume to Kyle Roeser, or call at (469)693-0196

University of Utah Summer Program for Undergraduate Research

University of Utah will be providing undergraduate students with a 10-week research opportunity, while working with a U of U faculty member. These opportunities are available for multiple disciplines. No previous coursework or research experience required. 

See more information here, and apply here.

WindAid Institute Engineering Volunteer

WindAid does 4-week volunteer-work abroad projects to build wind turbines in Peru. This is a great opportunity to do volunteer work and work hands-on in your career field. They have multiple projects coming up at the end of this year, as well as next year. The current dates are:

15 Oct- 9 Nov

19 Nov-14 Dec

7 Jan- 1 Feb

11 Feb- 8 Mar

18 Mar- 12 Apr

To find out more about WindAid visit here. Apply here.

DYNO Computational mechanic

We require the services of an individual with a background in computational mechanics and particularly dynamic finite element analysis. This could be a graduate student or a recent graduate. We are developing a fast-running fragmentation predictive capability that will depend on a finite element four blast-hole cell model on which the detonation of the explosives and propagation of the shock/stress waves will be modeled. We have a proprietary method of surmising the rock fragmentation data from a model like this. If Interested contact Dale S. Preece, PhD: dale.preece@am.dynonobel or +1 385-347-8739/+1 720-468-1828


O.C Tanner Engaging Workplace Cultures Product Engineer

This person will be responsible for leading the implementation of physical products from concept to program build. Take ownership for Marketing process requests and deliver expected production criteria for approval. For more info and to apply click here.

Air Force Research Laboratory AFRL Scholars Program

AFRL Scholar team is accepting scholarship applications for Summer 2019. The first deadline is Dec. 2019. For more information see here or visit the website here.

Final applications due December 17, 2018 at midnight.

QuantiTech Hypersonics Engineer Entry level position for BS and MS in physics or engineering. Application here 7/18/18
UVU Tutor UVU is looking for a tutor for Statics, Dynamics, and Mechanics of Materials classes. Click here to apply.  07/17/18
BYU Technology Transfer Office Licensing Assistant (PAID INTERNSHIP) Paid Internship for current BYU students. This is an opportunity to work with Technology Licensing Professionals. Hours are flexible. More information here 07/17/18
Neonatal Rescue Contractor Engineering Intern Paid Internship looking for undergrads to help finish development of their NeoLife CPAP/Ventilator. Full details here 07/17/18
Facebook Face Tracking Software Engineer Intern, Oculus Full-time paid internship looking for students interested in software development, collaborating with an optical lab and other engineers. Full details here.   06/29/18