Progress in materials science is at the heart of most exciting advances in modern engineering. Materials science consists in exploring the relationships between structure, properties and processing operations that define a material. The engineering materials group develops novel processing techniques to prepare advanced materials. We use cutting edge microscopy to determine material structure at the nano-scale. Then, we employ mathematical tools to characterize the structure and properties of the material, and we design even better ones.

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Faculty List
Nathan Crane (CREATE lab): Additive Manufacturing process development, design for additive manufacturing, capillary microfluidics, electrowetting.
David Fullwood (Materials): Composites.
Eric Homer (Materials): Computational materials modeling.
Oliver Johnson (Johnson Group): Microstructure Design; Grain Boundary Networks; Microstructure-Properties Models; Multi-scale Modelling & Homogenization; Synthesis of Advanced Materials.
Troy Munro (TEMP Lab): Biomaterials as fiber optics.
Tracy Nelson (FSRL): Friction stir welding.
Carl Sorensen (FSRL): Friction stir welding, manufacturing processes.