3rd Annual Rocketry Club Student Launch Competition

(November 20th, 2017)
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Rocketry Team
Rocketry team with rockets
rocket blasting off
rocket blasting off

The BYU Rocketry Club recently had their 3rd Annual Student Launch Competition! Each year, this competition allows students to form teams of two or three students, design a custom rocket, and fly it to a target altitude. Teams use an identical rocket motor and measure the altitude their rocket reaches using an altimeter, a device that measures the difference in air pressure both at ground level, and at the peak height of the rocket's flight.

The 1st Annual BYU Rocket Competition in 2015 started a movement among BYU students that were interested in rockets and space. This event brought together many students who pushed for more advanced projects and higher club participation in the years following the event. In just two years’ time, what began as a small club activity of 15 people, has since grown into a highly popular event for the students and spectators alike!

This year over 70 people including spectators showed up to watch the launching of over 50 student rockets at Frank Hunt Field near Vernon, Utah. For many of these students, this competition was the perfect way for them to demonstrate the skills and ingenuity that they have gained while studying at BYU.

Students use a variety of methods and supplies to construct their rockets such as 3D printing, laser cutters, store-bought materials, and more. The rockets are designed in open-source software called OpenRocket which allows the students to know important properties of the rocket based on their design, as well as the predicted altitude. Points were awarded based on these criteria. In the end a final score was given.  The winning group was able to achieve a total altitude of 1797 ft, only 47 ft over the target!

For more information about the club and its various projects, visit rocketry.byu.edu

The Results of the competition are as follows:






Matthew Fisher

Matthew Roberts

Chris Harden


Ryan Corless

Hayden Oliver

Zachary Jones


Arnold Wright

Carson Knight



Rebecca Crowley

Nathan Blanchard



Natasha Wilson

Anthony Viglione

Alex Shields


Ted Tyler

Taylor Ouimette

Connor Sefcik


Annie Wesolek

Ellyse Taylor



Harris Rothaermel

Jacom Gerber



Caden Wilson

Samuel Carlson

McKay Christensen


Ryan Burgess

Meili Jensen

William Hart


Riley Creer

Stephanie Smith

James Webb


Ryan Merrell

Colton Zaugg

David Asay


Levi Mitchell



Joshua Jordan

York Kern

Travis Talbot


Alan Ludlow

Sierra Croft

Thomas Armstrong


Justin Whitaker

Adam Boud

Tyson Maag


Aaron Janke

Andy Armstrong

Lauren King