Outstanding TA Awards

(April 6th, 2018)
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The Mechanical Engineering department recently rewarded TAs Andrew (PJ) Stanley (left)  and Jonathan Sadler (right) the Outstanding TA Award for their exemplary efforts to create a positive and effective learning environment for students.

Andrew (PJ) Stanley was the TA for ME 312, and received an overall rating of 10/10 from students. Student ratings included highly positive comments about Andrew. One student said, “PJ was probably one of the best TAs I've had at BYU. Very friendly (no matter where I saw him), smart, and great at explaining all of the concepts. If he didn't understand something, he would figure it out with Dr. Crockett and follow up with me when he knew the right answer. Two thumbs way up. Definitely deserves a raise!

According to Dr Crockett, “PJ was an Amazing TA. Many students on multiple occasions let me know how great he was. It even came up in class a couple times and as a whole the 83 students were very grateful to have him. He explained things well and was able to help them understand the core concepts, not just the way to do a single problem.”


Jonathan Sadler was the TA for ME 570. He received an overall rating of 9.9/10. In his reviews, Students said things such as “Jon was super helpful, available, and patient.  One of the best TA's I've had,” another said “Jon is the reason I did nearly as well as I did in the class. He knows a ton about programming and is willing to help with any issue related (or sometimes not related) to the class.”

According to Instructor Corey McBride, ”Jonathan Sadler did a wonderful job as TA for ME570 and I would love to see him get an award for his work.”​