• Rocketry team

    BYU Rocketry Joins the High Flyers

    Seven intrepid cougar rocketeers lifted the silver trophy at the Spaceport America Cup this week, after a flawless flight to nearly 10,000 feet of their carbon fiber wonder – Wasatch I.

  • AUVSI Team Plane

    AUVSI Takes Off and Lands in Top Ten

    On June 16th, BYU's AUVSI team joined competitors in Maryland for the SUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) 2018 competition.  The competition is held at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station (NAS) Webster Field in St.

  • IEEE Apr 2018

    Best Student Paper Award

    Dr. John Salmon and some students of the BESD lab: Carsten Christensen, Landon Willey, and Derek Vasquez won the best student paper award at the IEEE Systems Conference in April. The conference took place Vancouver, Canada where Dr. Salmon and Landon Willey were able to attend.  We are so proud of our Mechanical Engineering students! Good job!  

  • Opener

    Go Forth and Serve- ME Alumni

    "Go Forth and Serve" is one of the main mantras for those who gain an education here at Brigham Young University. BYU magazine chose to create an article on all the ways that BYU alumni from all over the nation are fulfilling that goal. New Mexico's feature is that of our alum Thomas A Mason, who graduated from the Mechanical Engineering department in 1989.

  • Megan Merkle

    Meghan Markle and the Mighty Village Drill

    Before recently marrying into the British Royal Family, Meghan Markle dabbled in many activities worldwide. In 2018, Time's listed her as one of the "100 Most Influential People".

  • Cirque Teams up with BYU Capstone Team 7

    Cirque sponsored a BYU Capstone Project for engineering seniors. A team of 6 engineering students and their coach came up with a concept using Cirque's core technology to build a VR Game mat. This platform is open source and available to all to use to develop products.

July 2018