Undergraduate Advisor

The Mechanical Engineering Department Undergraduate Advisor is Miriam Busch. Her contact information is mbusch@byu.edu. 

ME Pre-Professional Students:  Pre-professional students meet with Miriam as part of the ME 191 Seminar curriculum.  They are also welcome to contact her any time, with questions regarding application to the ME Professional Program, or other questions regarding the ME Major. 

ME Professional Students:  Students admitted to the ME Professional Program are welcome to contact Miriam for guidance on course planning, graduation preparation and/or clearance, and Academic Improvement Plans.

Walk-in times: If you have a question that can be answered in 10 minutes or less, stop by 360R EB anytime.  If you need more time, such as for an Academic Improvement Plan, please call the ME Department and schedule an appointment at 801/422-2625.

Peer Advisor 

Students are also welcome to schedule an appointment with Jared Croft, the ME Peer Advisor, for help with scheduling, graduation plans, questions concerning applying to the Professional program, etc. Email with questions or to schedule an appointment at me-advisement@byu.edu.

ME Faculty Advisor

Every student admitted to the Mechanical Engineering Professional Program is assigned a faculty advisor.  Meeting with the faculty advisor may be a required assignment in ME EN 321. The faculty advisor can advise students regarding academics and career outcomes.

The Engineering College Advisement Center (EB 246) 

Students can contact the Engineering College Advisement Center (EB 246) with questions regarding general education requirements, major exploration, career outcomes, and Academic Improvement Plans. When declaring a minor, students must obtain approval from the Engineering College Advisement Center (EB 246).